5 Alternatives To Amazon Prime For Everyday Purchases With Free Shipping

Amazon Prime is now a necessary service for so many people who acquire everyday supplies and devices on a weekly basis. Still, many less-frequent shoppers may find the price increase difficult to justify.


We combed through nearly every retailer’s membership catalogs to unearth the top Amazon Prime replacements. These alternatives are less expensive, and they also provide shipping times and perks comparable to Amazon’s.




Walmart+ is the closest substitute to Amazon Prime. The superstore’s membership plan provides rapid, free delivery on a wide range of food, home goods, technology, and even prescription drugs.


Walmart+ offers the freshest commodities from numerous different places around the United States, including inventory updates. These qualities are especially useful if you shop for your groceries online frequently.


Walmart+ ensures that any items marked “Shipped by Walmart” should arrive in two days, regardless of the transaction amount. Walmart+ members have priority access to exclusive specials and events throughout the year to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day sales. This covers Black Friday bargains, new product introductions, and other such events.


Target RedCard


Another major retailer with exclusive shopper experience is Target. Rather than monthly or yearly membership plans, buyers can sign up for Target’s RedCard, which is a credit or debit card that gives them 5% cashback on all in-store and online purchases.


Along with free delivery, early access to discounts and offers, and a 30-day return and exchange period that RedCard members get. The RedCard application and same-day delivery option for a variety of items sold at Target are both free. Target, like Walmart, gets items from local retailers and provides real-time inventory reports on popular items.




ShopRunner could be compared to Uber Eats. Members may get free two-day delivery from over a hundred stores, provided they order online and choose the store’s delivery service. With an annual subscription fee of $79, ShopRunner is free for PayPal users, MasterCard World and MasterCard World Elite card members, and American Express, and Chase account holders. If you don’t have any of these, you can sign up for a free trial of 3 months.




Instacart is most famous for its grocery services. It has now broadened its scope to include a broader range of products and goods. Instacart lets you order items from a selection of major supermarkets, discount stores, and brands through the Instacart app (or web), and a merchant will physically buy and bring items to your home.


For using Instacart, you don’t need a monthly subscription; all you have to pay is a delivery cost, starting from $3.99 for orders that cost $35+, a service charge, and a tip to the driver. However, the fees differ depending on where you shop and can mount up quickly. Nevertheless, we believe Instacart is interesting to consider for the customers who don’t shop as frequently because of its ease and streamlined shopping.




Newegg is a similar online platform to Amazon, except it focuses on electronic items like desktop PCs, laptops, TVs, digital cameras, and other similar items. Newegg has evolved to be a key competitor to Amazon by focusing on fast shipping and excellent customer service. With Newegg’s price match promise and free “three days or faster” delivery, you’ll get a good deal and get your purchased item promptly.

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