Living The Clean Green Frugal Life

Cutting down your carbon footprint also helps cut costs by living a green eco-friendly frugal lifestyle. This might seem like a massive lifestyle change but as the Lao Tzu quote says, “Every journey begins with a single step.”


Going green is great for the sustainability movement and your wallet as most eco-friendly products come in reusable containers that can easily be refilled or recycled. Instead of buying toxic cleaning products that come in single-use plastic containers, you can save money by getting glass containers for your cleaning products and there are a ton of DIY non-toxic household cleaners utilizing eco-friendly ingredients with some that are commonly already around the house.


Simple replacements can help save you money and reduce your carbon footprint starting with single-use products. Products designed for single use are one of the biggest problems with pollution as they are made with cheap and often non-recyclable or non-compostable materials such as plastic.


You can cut out a ton of waste utilizing reusable single-use items such as grocery bags, utensils, straws, and more. Carrying your own set of reusable utensils will cut back your plastic use if you’re eating out or on the go along with keeping some reusable grocery bags in your car that can carry heavy products easier than a plastic bag.


When it comes to your beauty routine, going green will save you money and give you access to healthier alternatives. Using eco-friendly beauty products is one of the easiest ways to go green as they have minimal packaging and utilize natural ingredients that are healthy compared to traditional beauty products.


One of the biggest wasteful beauty products is razors that are made mostly of plastic and are non-recyclable that you have to continue buying refills. Instead of wasting your money continuously buying razors, try investing in a safety razor.


The safety razor has remained a timeless beauty product as you only need one handle and can easily refill with razor blades that last way longer than the plastic competition. Most plastic razors rust as they are made with low-quality metal but buying a stainless-steel safety razor with a blade will last a lot longer without the pesky problem of rusting. The best part of using a stainless-steel safety razor is that everything is recyclable with many options to choose from a single blade to three blades for a smooth shave that can be used for the face and body.


If you’re ready to make a bigger change in cutting down your carbon footprint, you can try shopping less at your traditional grocery store and try going to eco-friendly markets. Whole Foods is known as being one of the bigger eco-friendly markets but there are more stores offering products with minimal packaging or reusable packaging.


Some stores also feature a bulk option for customers who want to reuse packaging mostly for food with some also offering beauty products and ingredients. This will help cut back on waste through packaging and you can also get ingredients needed for a meal or DIY project without having to buy a whole package that can be excessive waste that will also help save you money.


The best part of using more eco-friendly products is that they are commonly made with high-quality materials that are built to last a long time compared to wasteful competitors. You can start with baby steps and work your way up to living a clean green frugal lifestyle.

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