The Top Earning Jobs That Let You Work From Home

The two things that came out of the pandemic were that the masses could telecommute easily. If they picked the right work-from-home jobs, they would be taking home paychecks that would overshadow any salary that people working from offices are taking home. If you’re looking for work-from-home jobs that pay you top dollar, we have identified some from varying fields.


The top-earning jobs we have identified that let you work from home are where the salaries reach six figures easily. If you don’t want to commute to work daily but don’t want to sacrifice your paycheck, it may be time you consider these jobs that allow you to make more than $100,000 while you are working from home.


Product Manager


  • Salary: $109,103, according to PayScale


The job description for product managers requires them to determine the demand for products offered by the business and oversee product development for meeting this demand. They must stay abreast with the latest trends that may affect demand for products and when they need new products. They may also be required to develop pricing strategies as well. The highest-paid product managers can earn a cool $148,000 per year while working from home.


Senior Product Marketing Manager


  • Salary: $127,202, according to PayScale


The primary responsibility of senior product marketing managers is to create marketing strategies to increase sales and brand loyalty. They manage this by developing pricing strategies, analyzing marketing trends, evaluating product performance, and establishing marketing goals. The highest-paid senior product marketing managers can earn a handsome $162,000 a year while working from home.


Vice President of Marketing


  • Salary: $149,532, according to PayScale


The VPs of marketing have to develop strategies for maintaining or improving the market shares for any goods or services sold by their company. They also overlook various departments providing data for creating marketing strategies. The vice president of marketing will report to the COO or CEO of the company directly. The top 10% VPs of marketing can earn an impressive $207,000 a year while working from home.


Cybersecurity Analysis


  • Salary: $103,590, according to PayScale


Cybersecurity analysts are required to implement security measures for protecting an organization’s computer systems and networks. They must have relevant experience in the field and need a bachelor’s degree in a field related to computers. The highest 10% of cybersecurity analysts can earn a comfortable $163,000 salary per year while working from home.


Medical Director


  • Salary: $212,591, according to PayScale


The highest-paying work-from-home job on this list is that of a medical director. They must manage the operations of healthcare organizations, and their responsibilities include supervising quality assurance, developing guidelines, and managing clinical staff. You would need an MD or DO for this job. However, you will earn an eye-watering sum of money every year while working from home.

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