Affordable Alternatives To Amazon Prime With Extra Benefits

Amazon Prime’s annual fee has increased to $139 which has put a lot of people off and encouraged them to find other means of getting the products they want from different retailers. You might have to compromise on some products because these other retailers may not have the vast supply of goods you’re used to. We explore some alternatives to Amazon Prime for free shipping and more.




Walmart+ is an excellent substitute for Amazon Prime because it is cheaper at a $98 annual membership fee and delivers a variety of everyday items for your needs. You can expect to avail of many items, including automotive goods, children’s supplies, books, furniture, and numerous others.


They also offer free same-day shipping, which is a huge bonus if you’re tired of paying extra fees that just continue to stack up. Walmart+ also has a return policy that allows you to return any products within three months of delivery easily.


You also stand to receive many perks such as 5 cents off every gallon of fuel at their fuel stations and others. Contactless shopping makes your life easier at Walmart if you are pressed for time and want to complete your shopping without any hassle.


You don’t even need to stand in long queues but can easily use the self-checkout counter to be in and out of the store in a jiffy. There are also many offers and promotions to take advantage of, including excellent deals for Black Friday.


Newegg is an excellent place to shop for computer supplies, and it is slowly expanding to include more items you might need, such as furniture, toys, drones, and standard household items. It is an ideal shopping place for the technology nerds who can find PCs and computer memory chips to build their own computers or upgrade them using brand new electronics.


They also sell flowers and gifts, which means that you can find presents for friends, family, and loved ones on special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Newegg has free shipping for orders costing more than $25 which is a bonus for everyone.


Although their return policy is only 45 days, it is enough for most people to determine whether the goods they have purchased are in working condition or need to be replaced. You can take advantage of certain discount codes that they offer, making it a great way to save money on your purchases.




This is another great alternative to Amazon Prime and is a special deals site that has a huge list of retailers offering shipping in two days. They sell a variety of clothes as well as jewelry and prescription glasses, making it worth checking out if you are in the market to buy these items. You can avail yourself of a free 3-month membership that offers free shipping, and membership costs $79 after this 90-day trial ends.


Final Notes


These are excellent alternatives to Amazon Prime and must be considered if you cannot afford the pricing increase and want to get the most out of online deliveries. Although they may not offer the same variety of items as Amazon Prime, you can find one that fits your needs and avail of many discounts that make it highly affordable.

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