Save Money With Four Simple Phone Calls

It might seem impossible that with a few phone calls I would be able to save a ton of money but it’s possible and you might be able to save with some simple phone calls. If you think about it making a couple of phone calls is a tiny price to pay for saving on some major expenses.


I first called my credit card company and requested if there was a possibility that they can lower my interest rate which will save me money over time. Most credit card companies will be able to process the request with ease, I’ve called my credit card company on two separate occasions and was lucky to have my interest rate lowered twice.


The next call I made was to my auto insurance company to check if they have offer discounts such as safe driver, loyalty, or bundle discount. My insurance company initially told me that they didn’t offer these discounts, so I shopped around other insurance companies that offer these discounts and I called them back requesting they beat the best offer I found. To my luck, I was able to receive a loyalty discount because they didn’t want to lose me as a customer.


The next call I made was to learn more about an FSA (flexible spending account) or HSA health saving account) that is money that is taken out pretax, lowers your taxable income, and can use it to pay for medical expenses. Not everyone is applicable for this, but you can inquire about it with your health insurance company or your company if you have a health insurance plan with your employer.


The last call I made to see if I could save some extra money was my mobile phone provider to see if they had any bundle deals or better service plans that would best suit my data use. I was offered a plan that was best suited for my use based on my previous data usage and I also got a free plan for one of my favorite streaming services Amazon Prime Video with my $60 unlimited plan with MetroPCS.

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